Learn About Methylation with Susan Fidler!

Methylation… it is a unique word that highlights how our bodies function on a routine basis; like how we adapt to stress, produce hormones, respond to inflammation, energy production, the repairing of cells after damage done by free radicals, and fight infections and viruses.  For some people, methylation is hindered by genetics and must be supported by things like food and supplementation.  In this 4-week intensive, Dr. Susan Fidler will be discussing the importance of methylation, the genes that are involved, and will; through the use of case studies, go through a step-by-step analysis of gene reports and treatment protocols to describe the best course of action for a variety of conditions. 

This 4-part webinar series will explore how to manage methylation in clinical practice.   All webinars will include a variety of case studies. 

  • Week 1: A general overview of methylation and its importance. 

  • Week 2:  An in-depth look at the major genes involved and how to manage their mutations. We will also be discussing how to build a suitable mix of herbs, food and supplements to support each client. 

  • Week 3: We will discuss a step-by-step analysis of an actual gene report from MTHFRsupport.com.

  • Week 4: Finally, we will discuss other factors surrounding gene expression and the effects of methylation defects.