Alkaloid compounds found in many herbs make for strong medicine. To use alkaloid-rich herbs safely and effectively you need to understand and respect them. In short, these heroic medicines not for the faint of heart! We'll look at plants with an abundance of alkaloids, along with a few other one-off constituents of note. You'll learn about their many properties, some life saving or granting temporary euphoria, or any number of other tricks. Our exploration covers those you should know about and use, and a few just for the thrill of it.

Presenter Bio:

Heather is an educator, and clinical herbalist working in the Boston area. She has a special interest in bringing phytochemistry and herbalist wisdom together in a useful and understandable, and above all memorable way to help the public understand herbs, and herbalists communicate about our trade. She began learning herbalism in 2001 and teaches introductory programs at several colleges, as well as writing curriculum and teaching with the Herbal Academy.