Herbalism and the Polyvagal Theory with Elizabeth Guthrie

Live Dates: Mondays, April 3, 10, 17, and 24, 2023 

Polyvagal theory helps us to understand more clearly how the vagus nerve responds to trauma and what we can do to alleviate the symptoms of unresolved trauma. Herbalists can use this theory to help inform personalized protocols for clients who are struggling with unresolved trauma. This workshop series holds something for everyone: from beginning herbalists to long-time practitioners.  

We will discuss: 

  • An introduction to polyvagal theory 
  • The principles of trauma informed care and how they apply to plant medicine 
  • How people respond differently to our protocols when in different polyvagal states 
  • When to push forward and when to adjust a protocol if someone is struggling with unresolved trauma 
  • Some basic somatic practices that can be implemented in an herbalist's work 
  • Best practices to reduce the likelihood of retraumatization
  • What to do when someone is unable to find a ventral vagal state 

Bio: Elizabeth Guthrie is an herbalist and the best-selling author of The Trauma Informed Herbalist. She is a board-certified practitioner, holds a PhD in Natural Medicine with a specialization in naturopathic psychology, and has a Master's of Public Health in Functional Nutrition. 

She has helped create research for UAB hospital’s Integrative Medicine clinic, teaches practitioners online, and works as a wellness practitioner and yoga instructor.  

Elizabeth’s personal experiences led her to begin studying trauma and its effects on the body and mind. Now she helps others to learn how natural wellness can be safely and effectively implemented as part of a trauma recovery journey.     

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